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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pink Lace for Easter

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Well, a few days after Easter and I’m finally getting around to posting this. 

It’s my Easter dress!

Pink all over lace dress for Easter.

I used that over all lace fabric I bought as SAS (see A Quick and Pink Craft Haul).  I wanted something pink and floral this year and while thinking about that I got the idea to use lace.

Ribbon roses on neckline of an Easter dress.

I made little roses from ribbon to decorate the neckline.  It took a while because not only did I have to make each one by hand, but I also had to re-learn how to do it.  It’s been a while since I last made them. 

Funny thing is that the last time I made ribbon roses was also for an Easter dress (see Time for Some Catching Up).  Actually a lot of the design for this dress was inspired by that dress.

I added little faux pearl beads to the center of each rose for an added touch.

Ribbon at the waist on a pretty pink dress.

I used a wide ribbon the same color as the roses as a sash around the waist.

Short sleeves on a pretty pink dress.

The “sleeves” are made solely from the lace, so they have a sheer appearance.  I originally wanted to make a section on the front of the bodice with just the lace, but I thought that might be a tad too revealing.  Not to mention too complicated and time consuming to complete in such a short time frame.

Ribbon and lace on a pink dress.

Instead of hemming the edge of the lace of the skirt, I added ribbon to finish it.  It helps to balance out the top.  It wasn’t exactly the easiest thing I’ve ever sewn.  Those who sew lace and netting a lot would understand.  And I think I would recommend using clips instead of sewing pins.  The pins mostly got in my way and snag the ribbon.

Now for the accessories, because why make a pretty dress without completing the outfit?

Beautiful flower head band for Easter.

I made a pretty headband using the pink and white flowers I bought from SAS.  I actually had to make it twice.  The first time it looked pretty, but I realized it didn’t look as pretty on my head which is necessary for a “head” band.  So I took it apart and put it back together again.

Simple and pretty pearl necklace.

I also made a necklace of faux glass pearls to help tie in the headband and stuff.  I bought these pearls ages ago at Joann.  Makes for a simple yet pretty necklace that I can wear with just about anything, super plus.

Pretty pink purse to match a pretty dress.

Since I bought a ton of fabric, I whipped up a matching purse too.  It’s simple little bag with a flap, similar to several I’ve done before.  The flap closes with Velcro.  I normally use snaps, but I was lazy this time.  It’s so much faster to use Velcro, at least when you use a sewing machine.  I made a larger ribbon rose to finish the bag.

Ribbon rose shoe clips to match a pink Easter dress.

Speaking of larger ribbon roses, I made a pair of them to make the final accessory, shoe clips.  Because my cute white shoes needed a little something to tie them in with the rest of the outfit.  I made them just like the shoe clips I made last year (see Lace Rosette Shoe Clips with a Twist and Tutorial).  A simple and cute way to finish off a pretty pink outfit.

Here’s the updated list:

  • Dress
  • Accessories
  • Jeans
  • Baby
  • Little dress

Two down, three more to go.  I’m running late with the next two, but I should have them up soon.  Look forward to it.


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